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So. Where is our nation heading?

Thought that would get you reading! Don't worry, it wasn't just a ploy, I am going to deal with the title.

I consistently hear of Christians who look at the present turmoil in the nation and are confused and anxious. There are those who would say we are under judgement, or will be, if we don't leave Europe. I must admit this confuses me on a number of levels. However, because this is a blog and not a book, I will just make a couple of brief points:

Daniel lived under an ungodly regime, didn't fight it but treated the king with respect and was able to speak for God. God didn't judge him for his acceptance of where he was, but spoke powerfully to him, and through him to the nation.

Jesus too was born into a nation that was oppressed by an ungodly regime (study the evil of the Roman Empire at the time, paedophilia, occult, violence, racism, oppression is just a start.) Yet His main attack was against the Pharisees who misrepresented God.

However you feel about Europe, and whichever view you take on things, I think God is more concerned on how we represent Him and whether we obey His heart and be one as He and the Father are.

As we look at the chaos in the government, lack of confidence in the media, the struggles in the education system and feel we have been let down by those in power in many arenas (yes, and in the church) we realise that the nation is feeling they can't trust anyone. That no-one has the answers.

What we are actually seeing is the failure of secularism.

There are those that still feel that education and scientific advancement will lead to utopia. However, what we see in the West is unprecedented levels of anxiety and other mental health issues. Scientific advancement and educational attainment are both to be welcomed, technology and the consumer society have their place. But when we try to go it alone without recourse to God we find a gaping hole in society that politics and money cannot fill.

I would suggest that what we are seeing in the Western world at present is a dissolution of trust in all areas of society. God is calling His church back to total devotion to Him above all else, and the shaking in society is an invitation to look beyond the glitter and glamour of A list celebrities, and the falsity of Instagram life, to the peace and contentment that can only be found in His arms.

I long for the church to be a beacon in the darkness so that when people tire of fake news and fake life they have somewhere, and Someone, to run to.

I have my views on Brexit, but whatever way it all goes I believe God is calling this nation back to Himself. Not as an angry tyrant who will judge us for possibly making a mistake in our confusion, but as a loving Father who sits and waits, looking for His lost son's and daughters to come home (Luke 15 v11-32.) May His church be the light in the window that guides them there.