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Wax vs Gold

I love the way we all have choices. God gives us choices over many things, such as how to react in circumstances, with sincerity and integrity …...or with insincerity and cover-ups etc. Basically He gives us choices how to live our lives. I was interested to learn the word ‘sincere’ could mean ‘without wax’ (There are different opinions on this, but for now this is what I have found) The English word sincere comes from two Latin words: sine (without) and cera (wax). In the ancient world, dishonest merchants would use wax to hide defects, such as cracks, in their pottery, marble etc., so that they could sell their merchandise at a higher price. Imagine you purchase a piece of expensive pottery that looks absolutely perfect but when you get it home and the sun comes out or heat is applied, the wax melts away, leaving a big crack and a useless pot. You would not be best pleased!

Now, I have also been looking at Kintsugi, which is the Japanese art of repairing a broken piece of pottery with gold, silver, platinum or other precious metals. The potter takes a pot that has been damaged and instead of simply throwing it away or filling the crack with wax and making it look ok on the surface, he takes the pot and carefully and lovingly cleans it up and seals the crack with a special resin that has been mixed with a precious metal. The resulting pot is now worth far more than it had been before it was damaged. The repair is for all to see and is beautiful in it’s own right. Now this is what God does for us. We are precious to Him and He repairs us by pouring in someone worth more than gold or silver etc. That is Jesus Christ. So, how much more should we relate to God and others with sincerity and honesty. 2 Cor chapters 1 through to 6 speak on a sincere devotion to Christ and look at 1 Peter 1 v 22 for an example of sincere love for each other. ‘Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for your brothers, love one another deeply, from the heart.’ There are many other examples running through the Bible. Let’s live and love with a seam of gold running through us, that is God’s repair that is honest, valuable and on display for Him, not with a seam of unstable wax that may look perfect but is in fact liable to disappear at any moment and the cracks show. If we relate to God and each other in a sincere and honest way then real relationship can develop. I know which way I would prefer!