Our Vision





We are a group of people who love God and people. We want our gatherings to be a place where people can come and be healed; be encouraged and empowered to reach out to others; to show the love of Jesus and expand knowledge of Him and His love in our community.


Our Core Values

These are the Biblical values that we seek to live from and that direct our relationship with God and each other.

  • Love from God.

  • Love to God and others.

  • Honouring one another and those we meet.

  • We see church as family, therefore we have no formal membership-if you want to belong you become part of the family!  If you are a member you are functioning and active.

  • Faithfulness-to God and each other.

  • Giving and Generosity.

  • Leadership. Leaders are to serve the body in love. We believe that  leaders should have a heart to serve with humility.

  • Worship is a vital part of our meetings as well as being a lifestyle for us all.

  • Servanthood. We are called to serve God and each other.