Look below to find some of the stories of God's grace among us.


We have been declaring God's provision for individuals and the church. Here are some of the stories of how He has blessed us


We had a letter in the post out of the blue in December last year, advising us that we had some compensation to come from a Life Assurance policy that had been closed for some time. I didn’t recognise the name of the insurance company, so I was a little dubious. However, after checking them out and establishing that they were genuine, I rang them up, where they proceeded to make the usual checks. They explained they had come under another name, which we had been insured with. They had an old address for us, so I confirmed all the details they needed. The result was, we received a cheque from them just before Christmas, which also included the added bonus of interest from the date the policy had ceased. Praise

God for His unexpected cheques in the post!


So God's really blessed my family.  I've been working for the same company for 3 years and there has never been any sign of a pay rise. Since we have been declaring that declaration  I have received a pay rise . Praise God!

Peaks Above Clouds

Healing-as a church we believe God heals today. Here we will be adding our testimonies of God's goodness to our church family as He heals us in various ways.


Hi, my name is Ayshea and I had been suffering from 2 different medical conditions that we're for quite a long time affecting my quality of life. One was food intolerances, mainly wheat but sensitivities to other foods also. which meant there were times when I would be in so much pain in my stomach that it hurt to sit. I would swell up so much that no clothes would fit me and the only thing I could wear would be my leggings.

And there was also Fibromyalgia. which meant that I would be extremely fatigued after doing very little, and the pain in my body would at times be so bad that it hurt if somebody touched me. Also brain fog due to the fatigue, which meant when the fatigue was extreme my brain couldn't cope with the everyday situations around me.

BUT now, I am totally healed. At first, God healed the fibro, Someone had prayed for me and then I realized that I was able to stay awake all day. Then I noticed that I wasn't in pain, and I could make a cup of coffee without my arms hurting and walk further than I had for a long time. Then three weeks later during a prayer meeting, I had a vision where Jesus gave me a sandwich. So, I ate a sandwich a no pain, usually, when I ate bread I would get a pain in my chest and then within a few hours my stomach would be in agony. Since then I've been able to eat just about anything. Praise Jesus for His goodness, Amen!


When we come into a relationship with Jesus He transforms our life. This is the greatest miracle of all!



I remember as a young boy - I must have been about 10 or 11 - being told by my Mum that the Queen would be passing by that day, on her way from Broadlands to visit the Royal Navy Dockyards at Portsmouth. Oh, I thought! That would be good, to see the Queen. In the flesh as it were. We lived right on the A27, so all I had to do was to walk out of the front door, and down across the road and wait for her to pass by. So, at the expected time, there I was standing on the roadside, and soon enough I could see a couple of motorcycles approaching in the distance with a large black car close behind. As it drew nearer I started to wave vigorously and continued to do so as it finally came by me and then drove on down the road. My distinct impression was that, as the car passed I could see an arm raised and waving. It must have been the Queen! Waving to me! Just me! I know this because I was the only person there on the roadside. Nobody else was about within 3 or 4 hundred yards. So there was no doubt in my mind that I had just seen the Queen, and that she, Her Majesty, our Queen, had just waved to me! Just to me! When I went back to tell my Mum, I was so excited. And I felt so special. The Queen just waved to me, Mum! What about that! Some 22 years later, I had occasion to read about a Man called Jesus, who did and said some extraordinary and wonderful things so long ago. And it came to pass that on a certain day in September, 1975, I waved to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Ruler and Creator of the Heavens, the Earth and all the Universe. And He waved back to me! And, more importantly, He didn’t pass me by. And He has made me feel so special these 40 odd years and more, and counting.


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