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All For One

A blog by John Young


LCC 20th Anniversary Ball

ALPHA 2017

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Our Vision

I love the way we all have choices. God gives us choices over many things, such as how to react in circumstances, with sincerity and integrity …...or with insincerity  and cover-ups etc. Basically He gives us choices how to live our lives.

I was interested to learn the word ‘sincere’ could mean ‘without wax’

(There are different opinions on this, but for now this is what I have found)

The English word sincere comes from two Latin words: sine (without) and cera (wax). In the ancient world, dishonest merchants would use wax to hide defects, such as cracks, in their pottery, marble etc., so that they could sell their merchandise at a higher price.

Imagine you purchase a piece of expensive pottery that looks absolutely perfect but when you get it home and the sun comes 

Organized by Elkanah Groves, Eli Robinson and Josh Cook, this training session was informative and enjoyable.  A great time for everyone involved with worship on Sundays to bond and invest into the spirit of excellence into which we know we are called.

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ALPHA 2017

Change in Leadership Page

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Worship Team Training

Children's Nativity Play - Christmas 2016

Passing on the Baton:  Lee Community Church Runs Its Race

Book A SOZO Session

Tom Smith Worship Event - Waltham Chase:  As part of the Big Church Event, Tom Smith, Worship Leader of Soul Survivor, led an event at ....... .   We took our youth to this event and they had a splendid time socialising and worshipping together.​

Adapted from a Bible Society free resource, and wonderfully called, The Well Good News of Christmas, the script was ably read by Oscar Mellers amidst a lot of  audience participation and laughter.  Some of the audience, in particular a certain Mrs Sue Dales, participated slightly more than others - further lending to the fun and family spirit!  :)  And, in typical Lee Community Church style, we ended the time with a shared meal.  Thank you SO much to all who organized and helped make this yet another memorable day for everyone in Lee Community Church - and our visitors.


Saturday 14th October - 6:30pm SHARP!

Leon's Bistro (On Lee Seafront.  Next door to the children's play park)

Tickets:  #30 per person (Age Requirement:  16+)

Dress Code:  Formal

Live Band, Photo-booth, and Photographers on hand for personal and candid pictures.

Youth ALPHA Worship & Seaside Fun

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Quiz Night 2017

The recent Grenfell Tower disaster has been difficult viewing on many levels. There were some awful scenes, something that has been only too common on our television screens recently .........

Wax vs Gold

A blog by Elizabeth Young

Wax vs Gold ...out or heat is applied, the wax melts away, leaving a big crack and a useless pot.  You would not be best pleased!

This 50's Themed Quiz Night was well attended and raised almost 700 pounds for our Church Building Fund.  So many people worked so tremendously hard to put this night together ... and a GREAT time was had by all.  Thank you too, to the many local businesses who gave so generously towards the competition prizes!

Began 19th July & ends 27th September 2017

Time:  6.30pm

Venue:  Penguin Café,

6 Marine Parade W


PO13 9LL

Dinner will be provided.

Contact: Anna Curtis or Anna Mellers via for information or to book onto the course (or to book a friend in).

A change in LCC Leadership was announced recently​ as Andy and Kay Gill handed on the baton to the new Leaders and a Leadership Team.

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