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Our Vision

We are a Bible based, family Church in Lee-on-the-Solent.  We love God, love Lee-on-the-Solent and the people who live here and the surrounding areas.

We love to serve God and each other and the wider community. Investing in the spiritual and social needs of the community around us is something we are very much passionate about. We have been meeting together for the last 20 years and we have seen many ministries grow and thrive.

As a family we very much believe in fellowship. All are welcome!


Lee Community Church was planted in Lee-on-the-Solent on July 13th, 1997 as an initiative of Logos Christian Fellowship in Gosport. It was strongly believed that God wanted to add to the variety of churches in Lee: there existed a Methodist, Catholic and Anglican already, and Lee Community Church would add another “flavour” of Christian worship. We have good relationships with the established churches in Lee-on-the-Solent.

Lee Community Church has always been lively, musical and family orientated, with an emphasis on the Presence of God, Bible truth, Gifts of the Spirit, discipleship and mission work at home and abroad.

There is no particular focus on any age group, LCC aims be one big pan-generational family. Over the years many people have been encouraged and discipled from all age ranges. We have a Creche/Young Children’s church on Sunday mornings as well as an older Children’s Church where we aim to give our children the best. During the week there is also a thriving Youth Group (Gateway Youth Group).

We have taught and trained community leaders in Jamaica, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda, while local families in the Gosport and Lee area benefit from LCC’s F.I.S.H. (Food.Information.Support.Hope) scheme. In addition to visiting people’s houses with gifts of food, LCC has a much needed presence on the streets of Gosport and Lee through programmes like HOTS (Healing on the Streets) and involvement in Street Pastors.

We are also an accredited Bethel SOZO church. This means we have a team who are able to help people in their relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit, therefore bringing healing to their lives.

This is only a taste of what we do, please check out the links at the top of this page, or down the right margin for more information, or better still, visit us! As a church we believe passionately that God wants to be involved in the lives of people today. We expect and look for miracles of healing, provision and blessing in various ways. Many members have testimonies of how God has intervened for them in amazing ways. Come and ask them for their stories!

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